Spread Your Wings by Wesley Orbison

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New album with Wesley Orbison – son of Roy Orbison.

Listen to the album here!


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3 Responses to Spread Your Wings by Wesley Orbison

  1. nancy carson says:

    I love your voice! You sound so much like your Dad and thats a wonderful thing. I’m sure he’s with you. Keep making music, I’ll buy it! I loved your father and now I think you are great too. So Happy for

  2. Please help us contact Wesley if possible. We have a tribute band to Roy (Bernie Jessome) and looking to connect with Wesley to offer a proposal if he is interested. Bernie Jessome worked with Sam Orbison in the past.

    Thank you for all your help.


    Rene Diamante (Talent100.net) (416) 456-5816

  3. Laurence Wardman says:

    Would like to make contact with Wesley and Family regarding their involvement in a future project . It was suggested I do so by Dean Bourne [Australia].
    Hope you can help in this regard,

    Thank you,
    Laurence Wardman

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