Spread Your Wings by Wesley Orbison

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New album with Wesley Orbison – son of Roy Orbison.

Listen to the album here!


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5 Kommentarer til Spread Your Wings by Wesley Orbison

  1. nancy carson siger:

    I love your voice! You sound so much like your Dad and thats a wonderful thing. I’m sure he’s with you. Keep making music, I’ll buy it! I loved your father and now I think you are great too. So Happy for

  2. Rene Diamante siger:

    Please help us contact Wesley if possible. We have a tribute band to Roy (Bernie Jessome) and looking to connect with Wesley to offer a proposal if he is interested. Bernie Jessome worked with Sam Orbison in the past.

    Thank you for all your help.


    Rene Diamante (Talent100.net) (416) 456-5816

  3. Laurence Wardman siger:

    Would like to make contact with Wesley and Family regarding their involvement in a future project . It was suggested I do so by Dean Bourne [Australia].
    Hope you can help in this regard,

    Thank you,
    Laurence Wardman

  4. Rick Courtney, Actor siger:

    WOW!!! Wesley you are your fathers boy 100%. I loved your dad’s music. He’s always been part of my life. His magic voice has been passed on to you. Keep making music and get on tour. Come to Nova Scotia, Canada. We want to see you live in concert. Love this album and it would be cool to hear you do some of Roy’s songs. All the best man!
    Rick Courtney

  5. Al Farr siger:

    WOW! Wesley this is great man. Lets get this out to more people.