Tommy Cash

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Tommy Cash

Tommy Cash ended his tour at Tivoli in Copenhagen on Wednesday April 17. At the theater Glassalen in of the oldest amusement park in the world Mr. Cash did a splendid concert with his band the Cash crew.

Glassalen Tivoli

Tommy Cash preformed a list of songs by Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Tommy Cash himself. During the concert Tommy talked about the start of his career and the people he met doing this period. Among them he mentioned was Roy Orbison.

Tommy Cash

After the concert Tommy Cash and his band joined the fans and signed autograph and posed for photographing with the fans. Tommy is a very kind and down to earth person and although he had just been through a 2½ hour concert he smiled and joined the fans.

Tommy Cash

When I met him after the concert I decided to ask him about his relation to Roy Orbison. The first thing he said was “My brother and Roy was very close friends.” Johnny Cash and Roy had been friends since the start of their career and their friendship lasted in 2003 when Johnny passed away.

Tommy Cash

Tommy continued “Roy was not only talented. He was an extremely talented singer and musician, with a huge potential.” When Roy lost his two sons in the fire Johnny Cash was conferred Roy the best he could. Tommy said: “When Roy lost his two sons both me and my brother was very sadden by the news. It was very hard.”

Tommy Cash

Thanks a lot to Tommy and his band for a great concert and talking his time share his memories of Roy.


You can read more about Tommy Cash here

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2 Responses to Tommy Cash

  1. Ad van den Heuvel says:

    hello Bo,
    on May 3rd my wife and I go to a concert of Tommy in Eindhoven Holland, I’ll let you know how I found the concert.

    grtz from Holland

  2. hell Bo
    on my countrysite by page off Johnny Cash is the signature from Tommy and a picture of him,my wife and me.It was a verry good show
    grtz from Holland

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